The Light Between Oceans


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 8 / 10

Tugs at your heartstrings

You better take a box of Kleenex with you to the screening of
#TheLightBetweenOceans because you're going to need it, trust me.
Heartbreaking pretty much encapsulates the entirety of this film which
from the start aims to drive its point home on an emotional level.

Based on M.L. Stedman's best-selling novel, starring Michael
Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz, Bryan Brown, and Jack
Thompson, adapted and directed by Derek Cianfrance, THE LIGHT BETWEEN
OCEANS is essentially about a lighthouse keeper and his wife living off
the coast of Western Australia and they raise a baby they rescue from
an adrift rowboat. But years later, the lighthouse keeper and his wife
encounter the real mother of that baby. Should they go on with their
lie and keep their child or do they tell the truth and risk losing her
forever? I've never been a parent, so I don't know what it feels like,
because I can only imagine that the fear or anxiety of the possibility
of losing your child through any circumstance crosses the minds of
every parent who wouldn't want such misfortune befalls them. In this
case, it cuts even deeper because it's about miscarriage, to have that
happen to a woman whose dream is to become a mother, it's the worst
nightmare for her. In THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, I think Alicia Vikander
plays that with such strong conviction and ferocity, so much so that
even though you know her character is doing something wrong, a part of
you wants her to get away with this act, because Vikander has made you
feel sorrowful for what her character has gone through. It's a
remarkable performance for a woman who won Oscar for last year's "The
Danish Girl," you see THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS and you'll immediately
understand exactly why she deserves that statuette. And Michael
Fassbender plays the lighthouse keeper husband with a conscience, the
film does deal with fate, love, moral dilemmas, and how far you're
willing to go to get your dreams realized after having previously seen
them crushed a few times, what secrets would you keep to make those
dreams realized and so Fassbender's moral compass keeps bugging him.
Fassbender is so gentle and sturdy and calmed in this film.

If you've seen director Derek Cianfrance's previous films, "Blue
Valentine" and "The Place Beyond The Pines," you'd know that Cianfrance
is not one to shy away from couples' confrontations, it's as if he
wants his actors to really unleash their strongest resentment possible,
so when conflict arises between Vikander's character and Fassbender's
character or between Vikander and Rachel Weisz's character, it's so
real and ugly that you wouldn't want to get in the middle of it
otherwise they might come at you as well. The cinematography for this
film is exquisite, such a beautifully designed, beautifully shot film,
not to mention composer Alexandre Desplat's music, his emphasis on
piano, that makes the emotional journey of these characters all the
more deeply affecting. THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS guarantees to tug at
the heartstrings.

-- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by kinsmanivan 10 / 10

This is a beautifully shot and acted film

When I read this on Wikidpedia I was amazed:

Critical Review The Light Between Oceans received mixed reviews from critics. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 59%, based on 133 reviews, with an average rating of 6.2/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "The Light Between Oceans presents a well-acted and handsomely mounted adaptation of its bestselling source material, but ultimately tugs on the heartstrings too often to be effective."

This is a brilliantly acted film with some stunning scenery filmed in New Zealand. Both Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander put in two very strong performances, along with Rachel Weisz in a supporting role, and the film completely captures the period after the First World War. To me it seemed very much in the mode of 'The Piano' and equally as strong in terms of its dramatic dynamics and conflicts.

I saw this film with my wife who was equally impressed so I think it has an appeal for both a female and male audience. Definitely should be an Oscar contender and both actors deserve a gong for their performances.

Reviewed by Marymoviegoer 9 / 10

Great adaptation of the book

For those who were fans of the book, it was a great adaptation. It was slow, but that was certainly true to the book.

The acting was excellent, and I loved the cast. Fassbender and Weisz are always winners, of course - Vikander I have enjoyed in the three movies I've seen her in. She was great when she needed to be great in this movie - there were some very dramatic and poignant scenes, and she pulled them off.

I loved the cinematography – especially the scenes filmed on the island – the constant wind! That was something which was conveyed in the book, but it's hard to keep "constant ferocious screaming wind" in your head while reading, because it would be awful if it were mentioned every paragraph, yet it's easy to forget that crucial detail while reading – the movie definitely conveyed that. Very atmospheric.

Yes, it was on the slow side - so don't watch it while drowsy, and you should be fine!

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