The Curse of Sleeping Beauty


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nicolette C 9 / 10

Right up my alley

I give it 9 out of 10 only because the ending slightly tormented me but it also surprised and delighted me which is hard to do. I go to every horror movie festival I can and watch loads of them online and I tend to guess endings for horror movies and am almost always right, so much so that it has taken some enjoyment away for me. But I did not guess this plot and I had great appreciation for the writer for that. I also really loved the humorous and realistic dialogue! That was great, how natural it felt, how real the characters felt in a very make believe setting which helped ground it. If you know you already like horror and liked the movies Insidious, The Conjuring, The Village, The Visit, HoneyBee, Lights Out, It Follows, then I bet you will like this one a lot.

Reviewed by Geek Legion of Doom 8 / 10

Sleeping Beauty by way of Silent Hill

I've seen a couple of other reviews that seem to be less than favorable , so as someone who enjoyed the hell out of the movie,I felt i had to defend it somewhat. Lets get any of my negatives out of the way 1. There are a few conveniences, especially in regards to additional characters that pop up with the exact skills needed. 2. The twist is fairly obvious 3. The last 5 mins or so of this movie does feel a little rushed 4. Nit pick , i would have liked to see a little more of a horrified reaction to the events that unfolds from our protagonists

Now lets talk about the good stuff

1. Pearry Reginald Teo is a talented director. Has a James Wan feel about his style. He makes great use of camera work , with some good scares that are earned 2. The acting is pretty good .Ethan Peck at first I was like, ' Oh just another typical pretty boy lead' But I thought he really did a good job of selling the vulnerability of the character of Thomas , but still someone you can root for 3. Great location and set design. This house and the sets are super creepy. Nuff said 4. Some great scares. Some truly great moments involving mannequins. Great looking effects and some jump out your seat moments.

I think the title doesn't do this movie any favors , as the Sleeping beauty part is so minor until the end. I feel Fantasy and fairy tale fans will pick this up thinking it's the classic story and be disappointed it's a horror film and horror fans will may miss it completely as they think it's just a Sleepy beauty movie I'd give this 8/10

Reviewed by cheekyapple-56320 7 / 10

For a particular taste

Okay let me level with you - this movie caters to a particular taste and style of film for certain people. If you're expecting Harry Potter then no, it's not for you. If you're expecting a gory gritty horror movie, no not for you. If you like "Beautiful Creatures"or "Pan's Labrinth" this IS for you and I suggest you give it a shot. There is a scene in the end that haunts me still, the costume and makeup was OUTSTANDING! I really must give props. And Gregory Peck's grandson reminds you of him the whole time - looks like him, sounds like him, and he was a good actor. The Director had a great sense of humor or perhaps the screenwriter as the dialogue was well written and there was some natural laughs. I liked the mystery of it - it really was a mystery. The ending is messed up but not predictable and reminds you that you signed up for a horror movie so that's what you're getting.

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