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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jflinders-87452 10 / 10

A classy film

Very intelligent. Well acted, well directed, amazing music. The Gwar music joke is nicely inserted.

I don't understand the bad reviews. i guess we can all have enemies int his work. I would put this film stylistically somewhere between modern TV Sci-Fi (Star Trek,etc) and Passengers, though it is definitely ABOVE television standards.

It own not a big budget film, but it is TRUE proper Sci-Fi. Very intelligent and thought provoking and nicely quirky in places.

Well worth the 90 or so minutes of viewing time

Reviewed by Daniel James Tyler 9 / 10

Very slow, but intriguing

We were given a preview of Teleios via a German port, and at first, it was rather slow, and dull. But as we continued to watch, the concept of the film got interesting and intriguing.

In 2015, science on earth can modify human embryos..and this film continues that after 2020 they are commercialized. On 2038, the film states that enhanced humans have been conceived. This film starts in 2047 (just like the film "The Event Horizon").. they send a crew of genetically engineered human beings to investigate what happened to a ship that was to bring back a cargo from Titan (Saturn's largest natural satellite)

The crew of the ship that never returned has evidence that they were killed by their own people. This film makes the viewer believe that it will go by the mass insanity plot - but it does not quite do this

The genetically modified crew find a survivor that does not talk, and when their investigation begins, the plot takes a sharp curve to the doings on earth, their genetic engineering, the cargo and a 'artificial person' that remained on board. Near past the mid point, the film's plot goes awry, with entire rescue crew left in balance of life or death. We liked it.

Reviewed by Grant Conlon 8 / 10

A study in ethics.

This movie examines some big ethical and moral issues. Any film that quotes Tolstoy and Moliere is for thinkers. It may be sci-fi, acuity is not the best, but really quite good.? Questions about eugenics, intellectual property rights, the morality behind life and death decisions, and the emotional weaknesses of humankind make it intellectually interesting. Reviewers who have focused on the costumes are missing the point widely.

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