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Reviewed by mgl-92037 1 / 10

Stay away

I don't want to give a spoiler, but let me say that the plot is completely derivative. The "science" is not even bad enough to laugh at. The acting is uniformly shlocky, as if the actors watched the worst horror movies and copied all the moves. Is Noomi Rapace completely dreadful? Honestly, no, but she can't save this dud. Do yourself a favor and pound some nails into your hand, or watch the complete oeuvre of Caspar van Dien, instead of this movie. At least you wouldn't have the pain of completely failed expectations. I would put this movie at about on par with the recent Flytrap, and just slightly better than ISRA88. If you know those films, you will get my meaning.

Reviewed by ahmed mohamed 6 / 10

Not the best, but better than many

This is a totally spoiler free review because it's best to see this film without knowing what to expect.

I watched this film with no expectations in mind at all, and i have found it watchable. Yes, it's nowhere near any of the best sci-fi movies, but it's an alright watch.

The dialogue of the movie is kind of lame and that's the thing that bothered me, but when it comes to the pace of the movie it's really good, i can guarantee you will not be bored. As for the plot, it's intriguing and I can't say you haven't seen it before, but i found it OK.

In the end, Rupture is a good watch at home when you have nothing to do and feeling like killing some time. Not great, not bad either, just mediocre.

Reviewed by whiskyjar 8 / 10

Genuinely disturbing

Based on the screening at CIFF.

A single mother (Noomi Rapace) is kidnapped by a mysterious group of individuals who subject her to a series of experiments designed to trigger her fear response. Managing to escape her bonds, she soon discovers that she is neither the first nor the only victim of her kidnappers, and in her quest to escape the compound where she is being held she discovers a plot that may have devastating consequences for the future of the human race.

If you're looking for an action film that will keep you in a state of tension throughout, you've come to the right place. Rapace's character has a vulnerability that makes you root for her as she struggles through incredible odds to escape a seemingly impenetrable prison, interacts with other prisoners, and gradually discovers exactly why she was taken in the first place.

Spoilers ahead...


There are no happy endings here, folks. If you give this film a chance, though, you may find some food for thought on the nature of emotional bonds (genetic or learned) and how fragile they can be, especially when tampered with. While the body of the film concentrates on building tension, it's the conclusion that leaves the viewer genuinely disturbed.

The one major criticism that I have? There is no way that Noomi Rapace's Scandinavian accent could ever be mistaken for French Canadian. Next time, filmmakers, just make her character Swedish, please?

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