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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingramze 3 / 10

a waste

I'm a fan of the series. I had hoped for more insight into the Tall Man, the orbs, their plan, etc. I'd hoped for a resolution to the "fight" or at least more of a progression and a better idea of what we're fighting against. Ultimately, this movie accomplishes nothing. It's not even funny or scary.

It doesn't add any new info to the series or progress any story arc in any way. Imagine if another series like say... Evil Dead had another movie added that did nothing new and had no real resolution. Ultimately boring. At least its predecessor, Phantasm IV, though flawed introduced new information about the villain.

I could (and likely will) dream up a more satisfying story line and adventure for the series than what was presented.

Reviewed by MichaelJEpstein 10 / 10

Great new installment for fans following the whole arc of the series

I've now seen it twice and I really loved Ravager. Yes, it was made with modest resources, and that is visible, but it accomplishes all of the important things a film in this series should accomplish. It explores a story about how fear manifests when faced with terribly difficult realities.

I love how the first film is about a young person coping with the deaths of their family, and Ravager is about an aging person coping with the loss of their memories as they face death. I love that full-circle, complementary nature of it. Without spoiling, I love that the Tall Man undergoes a real kind of transformation in it. In fact, it might be the most humanistic film in the whole series.

I just really think the movie was made with real care and understanding of the heart of Phantasm. I'd much rather see a low- budget film that really gets it, than a higher-budget film that doesn't.

So, in summary, Ravager is totally in the spirit of the films and gives tons to think about. If you're watching it and just griping about CGI, you're probably not watching Phantasm for what I consider the right reasons. This is really a film for people who love the first four films, and for us, it is a solid, sentimental payoff.

I really appreciated all four previous films and now I love the fifth as well.

And if you're writing a review that treats the series as literal narrative, and you are complaining that your literal narrative questions were not answered, please back away from the Phantasm movies slowly, because you are likely to trip over your own shoelaces.

Reviewed by kbf1123 1 / 10

So Disappointing.

I had such high hopes for this film. Reggie and Angus, as usual, were awesome but even they couldn't carry this stink fest. The story was bad, the graphics horrid and the acting by the newcomers to the show mediocre at best. As for Reggie and the veterans, I don't blame you guys. You did the best you could with what you were given. The director had a real opportunity here to make a masterpiece that would crown an otherwise wonderful series but completely dropped the ball. It seems like he hadn't even watched the previous films and didn't even care. The whole thing made no sense. It was all over the place with no continuity. It tied up no loose ends and left me wondering what the heck I had just seen. Considering this was Angus Scrimms swan song, it's such a shame they blew it so badly. So sad!

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