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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Orbital_Frame 10 / 10

Best One Piece Movie so far!


Our beloved straw hats are going to the biggest casino in the world to have some fun and of course they will meet the owner himself!


The Casino is the biggest ship I've ever seen in the series and I couldn't believe it was moved by 2 gigantic turtles! "There is gold, gold, everywhere" I mean the whole casino is filled with golden buildings, statues, restaurants, hotels and even golden amusement parks!


The animation is by far the best performance I've seen in a OP Movie! I was really happy to see some darker colors in the movie because the casino is filled with thousands of golden stuff. So I saw yellow and golden colors the whole time. They have done everything right at this point!


The sound was incredible! Background music, conversations and fights. Everything was sounding like I wore high end headphones the whole time!


There are so many appearances from older arcs and of course I will not tell you who I mean! I loved the costumes because our beloved crew got some noble outfits!


I heared so many laughs during the movie because there are so many funny moments while the straw hats are enjoying the time in the casino!


I really enjoyed One Piece: Gold, because I love to see how the straw hats enjoy their time like a family! The best part are the final fights and they are all insane!


Watch this movie! You'll see a lot of old characters from the past and a lot of funny moments with luffy and the rest of the crew.

Reviewed by Omar Ahmadi 10 / 10

The Best Movie

I really enjoyed the world premier that held in United Arab Emirates 7 days before Japan the movie was excellent in every way. i cant wait for the Blue Ray Release i know it will be in a while. the movie is based on Action and Comedy and Drama there are secret Characters you have to notice otherwise you will miss them. over all i enjoyed it 10/10 i thank Ego Space and Toei Entertainment and Oda Sensei for Choosing United Arab Emirates as the First Country to see the movie before Japan sees it. so Everyone enjoy the movie next week and people around the world do as well enjoy your world premier as tickets are running out fast.

Reviewed by catking-64091 10 / 10

One Piece film: GOLD

Glad to watch this movie and rated excellent. Those who are OP fans should watch it too. Makes me so excited until i wanna to watch it again. Worth my money to watch this OP film Gold. Don't hesitate to spent your money on OP. Love OP: film Gold so much <3 Find sometime to spare yourself and go to the nearer to your house and watch the OP. Because is too awesome to watch it!! Young people and teens should be the fans and go ahead and watch it. Anyways , is about something that Luffy that they gambling in a casino and who have some luck. Ended up they had to fight with a group of enemy. If you want to have more information then you can go watch it on the released date 25th Aug......

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