Lady in Cement


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kikiloveslegwarmers 10 / 10

A Frank Sinatra Ultra Cool Miami Beach Classic

Frank Sinatra made two detective films in which he played the hip, Miami Beach private-eye Tony Rome.

Lady in Cement was filmed in the mid 60s when Miami Beach still had that hip-cool reputation. The movie takes place in the now gone Jilly's Nightclub which belong to Frank's pal, Jilly Rizzo. Other neat spots are the old mansion (now gone) of Panama dictator General Trijullio, the Fontenbleau Hotel and houseboat row(also a memory).

Dan Blocker steals the show as a 2nd rate hood named Bronski. Richard Conte gives his typical good performance, and Old Blue eyes shines in this type of hipster role. The biggest scene stealer is the ultra hot Raquel Welch. Raquel was in her prime and her swimming pool scene is steaming. The funny thing is that this bombshell could act. Look for South Florida "cult" legend Chris Robinson in a minor part as a gay funeral home director.....he's fantastic in his 3 minute part.

Reviewed by Brian W. Fairbanks ([email protected]) / 10

Ol' Blue Eyes meets Hoss Cartwright

Sinatra once again plays the Miami based private eye he originated in "Tony Rome" a year earlier. He was pretty effective the first time around, but that one didn't have a script as silly as the one he has to contend with here. Of course, scripts never meant much to Frankie, anyway. If the Chairman of the Board WAS bored, or just tired, he'd rip a few pages out of the script to keep things moving. When the movie was something like "Lady in Cement," it probably didn't matter, anyway. Besides, with a more stunning than ever Raquel Welch in the cast, I mean, who really cares?

Wherever Ol' Blue Eyes went, his entourage of goons and sycophants were sure to follow, and one such unfortunate, Pat Henry, a comedian of little talent, is along for the ride as Frank's buddy. Richard Conte, the fine actor from such interesting film noirs as "The Blue Gardenia" and "Cry of the City," shows up, as he often did in Sinatra films ("Ocean's 11," "Assault on a Queen") and provides the mostly mediocre film with his usual competence. The best performance, however, belongs to TV's "Hoss" (Dan Blocker).

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

Sinatra sleepwalking

Follow-up to 1967's "Tony Rome" is saddled with a tired plot concerning a murdered blonde in Florida and the investigation led by detective Frank Sinatra. Movie gets a much-needed shot in the arm from sexy Raquel Welch as a wealthy woman indirectly involved (she makes her entrance emerging from a swimming pool--bikini clad of course!). Sinatra himself looks rather weary and impatient, tossing off jaded quips without any subtlety, but there are two great supporting performances: Dan Blocker as a shady character fond of twisting heads around and Lainie Kazan as a go-go girl (she has just one smoky sequence, and it's a killer). Otherwise, pretty rote. **1/2 from ****

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