Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dontpanik 9 / 10

Just plain Fun!

We went to see this as part of the early screening for Amazon Prime members. I always worry that all the funniest parts of a movie are spoiled in the trailer leaving nothing left in the film. That isn't the case. I was either smiling or laughing the entire movie, as was the rest of the theater. Is it Citizen Kane? No. Was I going to the theater wanting to watch a drama that delved deep into the characters' lives? No, again.

Our 4 heroes are sent to detention where they discover and are consequently sucked into Jumanji. They become the avatars they chose for the game and must complete the object of the game without using up all their lives. They have to work together, as a team. It is so much fun. It's predictable, funny, cute and the most important, entertaining. The actors are great in it, including a few cameos that were unexpected.

The humor isn't too crude, but still slapstick-y and funny. It was along the vein of Shrek, Rat Race, or Clue. Again, if you're looking for deep and can't stand watching a movie without questioning everything, skip this one. This is one of those movies I'll be buying just so I can put it on and laugh.

Reviewed by Jack C 9 / 10

Well done

We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of this remake. The jokes are nonstop and witty. Characters are well fleshed out with each person playing a physical opposite of their persona outside of Jumanji. A little homage is paid to Alan Parrish at the beginning of the movie, and the movie continues, 20 years after the events of 1996.

The Rock is always fun, but shines as a scared nerd with no confidence. Karen Gillan is adorable as the socially awkward nerdy girl. Jack Black playing a self obsessed popular girl is laugh out loud funny. Kevin Hart as a shrunken jock with many assigned weaknesses is classic.

All in all a nearly perfect family comedy that rises above lowest common denominator humor. Worth the trip to see it on the big screen. You do not have to see the original to appreciate it.

Reviewed by sahadat-53138 9 / 10

Fantastic movie!

Really enjoyable movie! The movie is well paced, great cast, great action sequences. I think this is a must see movie, for all the family.

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