I Can Speak


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ysukmin 8 / 10

Very touching movie about the true story behind a sex slave history

I was hesitant to watch this movie even though I heard lots of appraisal about the movie because I knew it would be hard to not cry and I was right. The most touching moment actually wasn't the senate hearing scene, but when the main character and one of her best friends in the market resolve their misunderstanding after her friend finds out that the main character was a sex slave during the pacific war. Of course this isn't a perfect movie, but a great movie to know the history and feel somewhat of a recognition of all the inhuman things Japanese empire have committed in the past. I just don't understand how Japanese people and their government think that they can deceive the world and try to deny what they have done. Just feel sorry for them as much as for all the victims of their past crimes.

Reviewed by TheBigSick 0 / 10

The most overrated movie of the year

The screenplay, editing, directing, cinematography, and production design of the movie "I can speak" are all pretty straightforward, and there is really nothing special. It simply does not worth the overwhelming acclaim it receives. I cannot say it's a bad movie, but definitely a boring movie.

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