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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rowanuk 4 / 10

sub standard plot/acting/casting.

Unfortunately the grit of the original two movies is well lost in this episode. The main two gangsters/bad men are completely unbelievable characters. One is like a runty cousin of Danny dyer (some Essex warrior who couldn't scare a granny), and the other 'hugs' comes across as a mincing Turkish footballer, who's acting is very wooden. The acting in general (apart from Noel's) is farcical, along with the Americanised story line , which takes things too far from potential reality. Even Curtis, who was pretty demonic in the second film comes across as a theatrical comedy villain. If you are going to attempt to cast in high level gangsters who run large grossing international business's, then please, make the characters believable. Some orange Essex boy in top shop garms just doesn't cut it. The great thing about the first two films was that they were believable to a certain extent, with the plots mirroring how life can be for large swathes of society in urban environments. For some reason Clarke took this one way beyond those parameters, and failed miserably. If parenthood is to happen as the 4th and final part, then please take it back to the original flavour. There is so much good new music and Yoot's (genuine rude boys who hang with well known grime artists) to ensure Clarke could create a realistic and believable film. Unfortunately, this film waters down the first two and comes across as a way to milk the good will built up.

Reviewed by seanc-39407 5 / 10

A Decent End

Caught this today with my girlfriend and some friends. As fans of 'Kidulthood', 'Adulthood' and 'Anuvahood' (if counting), and seeing as it was a bank holiday Monday, we thought we'd go see it. A good, pretty much chavless crowd was there too. I was 14 when the first film came out and I remember the phenomenon it caused. I was 16 when the second arrived, and the reaction was even bigger, because of the first film. Now I'm 24 and the end is here. I feel I have grown up with these and they are special films. This is an entertaining, well-made end, if not a great one. Noel Clarke returns, amongst some other familiar faces. The supporting actors all do a good job but this is certainly Clarke's film. There's some pumping music, stylish edits and camera-work and the odd semi/fully naked woman to keep the lads happy. There's also some dark and repulsive scenes, that make this all the more gritty, as well as some good humour and deep messages too. It does feel like it needs Adam Deacon though, I must admit. I think fans of the first two films won't like it as much but it's a fitting finale. Overall, a decent end to a powerful trilogy that the target audience is sure to embrace.

Reviewed by valleyjohn 6 / 10

More polished than the previous two

Brotherhood is the third in the series of Noel Clarke films set in London and featuring Sam Peel . Sam has grown up and is a different person to the one we saw in Kidulthood but trouble still seems to follow him in the form of an enemy who has come to seek revenge. What I like about these films is they feel very real. Although Brotherhood is more polished than the two previous films it still has that Independent vibe about it. None of the people on show are particularly likable which makes it quite hard to care what happens to them and the language is uncomfortable to hear at times . The main villain's racism seems over the top and unnecessary and kind of spoils what is an interesting film.

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