Beyond the Edge


Action / Adventure / Fantasy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xgermannx 10 / 10

Ocean 11 meets Fantasy Genre

They nailed the flow, considering I did lose myself in the movie which hasn't happened in a while. Abilities are interesting, CGI heavy scenes impressive, no super people just a notch to gain the edge. Banderas played an interesting character sadly not too much revealed about him but the ending gives promise to future installment and I'd be all in to see another job executed by the team.

Additionally ending gave hint to something far deeper than what we saw and know based on what is displayed in the movie. Seems like director allowed us to only sniff the surface of the world or maybe I'm just looking too deep into it.

Reviewed by rada-gaal 9 / 10

Beyond the expectations!

A very interesting sci-fi movie. Best actors and impressive CGI!

Reviewed by my_turtle 8 / 10

Really enjoyed this.

Fast paced, decent acting, sci-fi with a touch of humor. I like it.

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